You’d like your team to be better at public speaking.

We’d love to partner with you on that.

Our Work

All sessions with Presenting Solutions take a holistic approach to addressing your public speaking and interpersonal communication needs.

One-Time Workshops icon

This interactive session uses experiential training to create an educational, practical, and entertaining event for your team with actionable takeaways.

Team Training Series
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Through a combination of small group and 1:1 sessions, we target team members’ individual trajectories so that your organization can reap the benefits of continued, dramatic improvement.

Not sure? We can start with a workshop and build from there.
More About Our Process

Presenting transcends presentations.

Our team finds fulfillment in helping people present themselves aspirationally - every day, in rooms big and small.

Our partnership is designed to help your team:

Speak Confidently
  1. Reconcile individuality with company culture
  2. Master body language, eye contact, and gestures
  3. Communicate without filler words
Speak Dynamically
  1. Incorporate engaging pitch, rate, and volume variation
  2. Use oral formatting to capture audiences’ attention
  3. Balance authority and inspiration
Speak Comfortably
  1. Reduce anxiety
  2. Prepare and rehearse effectively
  3. Make audiences feel at ease
Speak Clearly
  1. Develop a healthy voice and effectively project
  2. Structure your story concisely
  3. Refine articulation for clear pronunciation
Speak Calmly
  1. Deliver effectively regardless of the environment
  2. Access impromptu templates for speaking off the cuff
  3. Improve interactions with colleagues under pressure
Speak Personally
  1. Bring one’s value system to daily dialogues
  2. Establish genuine connection with the audience
  3. Be intentional with honesty and vulnerability

Many companies are wildly successful without speech coaching.
Those with whom we work with cite being more successful because of it.

Forbes has had the pleasure of working with Presenting Solutions for over three years. Investing in this training in an ongoing capacity has been an obvious choice with fantastic outcomes. They bring an ideal blend of practical takeaways, ongoing support, and humor. We’ve been able to implement these skills at scale, and witnessed an actual shift in the way we present ourselves on a day-to-day basis."

Finding Presenting Solutions was one of the best discoveries of my career! Within minutes, they won over the room and have left a lasting impression on the team. We have welcomed them back to teach our global sales team about the importance of voice enhancement, storytelling, speech preparation and much more. Their ability to connect to the audience makes them a must-have for all teams looking to strengthen their presentation skills."

At MediaCom, most of the employees have to deal with public presentations or client meetings. Presenting Solutions’ contribution was extremely important helping MediaCom employees achieve tremendous results and become better presenters. They understood clearly the objectives and addressed the needs of our participants with effective and creative coaching. Highly recommended!"